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Hospitality Sales and Marketing, Fifth Edition (Spanish)


In today’s highly-competitive hospitality market, it is essential to have an understanding of sales and marketing. This textbook in Spanish goes beyond theory to focus on a customer-oriented and practical approach for effectively marketing hotels and restaurants. The book explores the “four Ps” (price, product, promotion, and place) as they relate to specific market segments, providing a customer-focused perspective.



Hospitality Sales and Marketing, Fifth Edition (Spanish)

This edition includes several new exhibits, including profiles of key industry innovators, corporate spotlights of hotel and restaurant companies, and Internet exercises. Examples of forms, checklists, charts, and other items used by practicing hospitality sales and marketing professionals provide students with resources they can use in their careers. In addition, the Internet’s increasing role in sales and marketing is explored in new sections on social media and social networks, using the Internet to build brand awareness, and sales and marketing in the Web 2.0 world.

Learners will gain:

  • A thorough introduction to hospitality sales and marketing
  • Insight from numerous real-world examples of effective hospitality advertising campaigns and promotions
  • Insider information from industry professionals sharing their perspectives on current issues in hospitality sales and marketing
  • An understanding of the role the Internet plays in today’s hospitality marketing efforts
James R. Abbey, Ph.D., CHA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

©2008, 14 Chapters, Softbound
ISBN 978-0-86612-436-2


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