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Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Fifth Edition


This textbook introduces the supervisory skills needed to succeed in a hospitality career.

The fifth edition features revised procedures for managing conflict; expanded information on motivation, including a discussion of on-boarding; new information on the role of technology and social media on recruiting and reference checks; new information on the costs and benefits of training; and a discussion of the use of technology for employee scheduling, including scheduling software and company intranets.


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Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Fifth Edition

The 6th edition of Supervision in the Hospitality Industry by Jack Ninemeier introduces the supervisory skills needed to succeed in a hospitality career.

The new edition introduces students to supervision and management skills that are essential to hospitality workplace success. The sixth edition features 28 new mini-case studies and four new sidebars—Supervising in the Real World, Did You Know?, The Supervisor in Action, and Technology in Action—that highlight key concepts in each chapter. Supervision 6e includes new information on supervisors and social media, the use of technology in recruitment, the benefits of a diverse workforce, and time management in the digital age.

Please note:

  • Includes scan sheet for AHLEI-graded final exam for academic certificate of completion for students enrolled in a school program.
  • To be eligible to take the final exam and earn a certificate of completion for this course, you must either be enrolled at a school or enrolled as a Distance Learning student through AHLEI. Distance Learning students MUST order their textbooks through the online application; textbooks purchased through the online store will NOT include the necessary final exam.

Author: Jack D. Ninemeier, Ph.D., CHA, CHE

©2019, 14 Chapters, Softbound

ISBN 978-1-949324-19-8


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