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Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition


This textbook presents the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method of food safety in a systematic, understandable format ideal for classroom teaching. Clearly defined terms, detailed lists of food safety responsibilities, and checklists for all control points make this a resource that graduates can readily put into practice in any food and beverage operation. Because it refrains from direct reference to U.S. government regulations, this textbook is highly accessible to international readers.


Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition

Advanced topics in food safety, best practices in quality control, and the most recent updates within the FDA Food Code.

The third edition of Food Safety and Quality Management has been updated to include the most current topics in food safety, with a focus on:

  • Active managerial control: The new edition provides real-world examples from global industry leaders to illustrate best practices in food safety and crisis management, including a new chapter dedicated to allergen risk management
  • Technology and innovation: The third edition explores the impact of the latest technology on food safety and quality management throughout a food service operation and beyond
  • Quality management across control points: The book demonstrates the return on investment with guests, staff members, and the bottom line when quality management is employed

Author: Ronald F. Cichy, Ph.D. and JaeMin Cha, Ph.D.

©2019, 10 Chapters, Softbound

ISBN: 978-1-949324-73-0


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