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Elements of Service – Serving Guests With Disabilities


Elements of Service: Serving Guests With Disabilities is an online learning program designed to train guest-facing hotel employees in best practices for serving guests with physical disabilities (vision, hearing, and mobility impairments).



Elements of Service – Serving Guests With Disabilities

Learners are presented with a broad variety of service situations for guests with disabilities, where uninformed actions can cause distress or even danger. From the point of entry and check-in to food service and at touchpoints throughout a hotel visit, service providers learn the communication skills and tools that will create outstanding service interactions with this fast-growing traveling population.

The goal of this program is to ensure service providers feel confident and equipped to handle service interactions with hotel guests who are disabled-without the uncertainty, confusion, and missteps that often characterize the experience of both service providers and hotel guests with disabilities.

There are knowledge checks with feedback throughout the program. A 20-question quiz at the end of the course tests understanding.
30-45 minutes



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