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Job Description: As waitstaff, you play a key role in welcoming guests and creating the optimal dining experience at the restaurant. It is your responsibility to ensure that the guests have the correct food and there is no delay in bringing the food from the kitchen.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • meeting and greeting guests
  • advising guests about menu items
  • taking guests orders
  • clearing and wiping down tables
  • collecting payment at the end of the meal

At a fine dining restaurant, the waiting staff are the key to creating an intimate environment, and will often have more time on their hands to liaise with guests and ensure the service is perfect for them. The waitstaff will take the time to advise guests about the food and drink available and serve their meals. You will also clear plates and other unwanted items from the table, and replenish the drinks and wine glasses. In most businesses you will also be responsible for greeting guests, showing them to their table, taking orders and collecting their payment at the end of the meal. However, in some fine-dining restaurants, there will be a host to meet and meet the guests. 

You’ll liaise with the kitchen team and let them know the dishes they must prepare. Between each meal, you’ll clear the table and take the chance to maximize sales with recommendations and suggestions. At the end of the service, you will process the payment at the table.

As waitstaffs, it’s crucial that you are welcoming and have great customer service skills.


    • Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization
    • Maintain a safe, hygienic, and secure working environment
    • Maintain and deal with payments
    • Maintain Customer Care
    • Maintain food safety when storing, holding, and serving food
    • Prepare and clear areas for drinks service
    • Prepare and clear areas for table service
    • Prepare and clear areas for table/tray service
    • Prepare and serve hot drinks using specialist equipment
    • Provide a buffet/carvery service
    • Provide a silver service
    • Provide a table/tray service
    • Provide a trolley service
    • Serve drinks
    • Serve food at the table
    • Work effectively as part of a hospitality team

Available Training and Certifications: