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Food & Beverage Director

Food & Beverage Director

Job Description: As a food and beverage director within food service management you could be working in a range of establishments that require food service, from a hospital to a bank. The food and beverage director is responsible for all aspects of the food and drink service within the department, from the management of the team members to finance and marketing. You will participate in developing menus for the food service, liaising with the client to ensure it’s in line with company standards.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • coordinating the managers and supervisors
  • advising staff 
  • designing the menu
  • implementing health and hygiene procedures
  • managing budgets

During food service, you’ll supervise the kitchen staff and waiters to ensure every part of the service is running smoothly. Every day you will brief your team members about the plan of action, and encourage great customer service. You’ll ensure the food is correctly prepared and the dishes served promptly. As well as coordinating the front of house services, you will be responsible for managing the budgets, sales targets, and purchasing stock. You will also implement HR practices by training and developing your staff.

As the food and beverage director, you must make sure the food content is healthy and there is plenty of choice for religious, cultural, and health considerations. It’s also your duty to maintain health and hygiene standards and excellent personal presentation and among your staff. 

As the food and beverage director, you must have fantastic communication skills and work well in a fast-paced environment.


  • Contribute to promoting hospitality services and products
  • Contribute to the control of resources
  • Contribute to the selection of staff for activities
  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Ensure food safety practices are followed in the preparation and serving of food and drink
  • Improve the customer relationship
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety, and security of the working environment
  • Manage the environmental impact of your work
  • Manage the receipt, storage, or dispatch of goods
  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Provide leadership for your team
  • Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
  • Supervise drinks services
  • Supervise food services
  • Supervise practices for handling payments

Available Training and Certifications