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Food & Beverage Cost Controller

Food & Beverage Cost Controller

Job Description: Assist in minimizing food and beverage costs, the F&B Cost Controller manages the day-to-day operation of F&B Accounting.

Your duties may include:

  • Recording of food and beverage costs
  • Adhering to all cost control procedures
  • Updating costings
  • F&B revenue and cost audits
  • Reviews purchasing procedures for all F&B items
  • Ensures compliance with documentation/authorization processes
  • Processes Food & Liquor accruals
  • Monitor inventories of Food & Beverage to increase inventory turnover
  • Participates in month end reporting procedures in relation to F&B stock.


  • Ability to analyze P&L statements, apply timeliness and accuracy in recording and reporting
  • Ability to perform bank reconciliations and managed sales and purchase ledgers
  • Ability to perform bank reconciliations, posting accruals and prepayments and double entry bookkeeping
  • Computer proficient, especially in specialized software necessary for the fulfillment of the role.
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting principles and best practice
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting principles and best practice, software for accounting, financial statements, and their preparation, payroll reporting and systems
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal, teambuilding, and problem-solving skills
  • Managerial experience, including management of large groups and teams
  • Need to stay up to date with changes in legislation and implement any new legal requirements
  • Skilled communicator, with well-developed verbal, written and presentation ability

Available Training and Certifications