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Executive Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper

Job Description: As an executive housekeeper you oversee maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel. You will supervise the work of the cleaners, room attendants and floor manager to ensure the rooms and communal areas are clean and presentable for guests.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • ordering cleaning materials
  • overseeing the work of team members
  • maintaining health and safety procedures
  • training new and existing staff

As an executive housekeeper, most of your time will be spent supervising and training your staff, as well as planning staff rosters. A lot of organization goes into maintaining the cleanliness of a hotel, and as an executive housekeeper, it is your duty to stock-take, manage budgets, and perform safety audits. You will also liaise with your suppliers to make sure you have enough cleaning materials, guest supplies and linen for the hotel to operate. 

It’s important that the executive housekeeper regularly oversees the work of the room attendants and cleaners, ensuring that high standards of cleanliness are maintained and the rooms are correctly serviced. You will also check that the staff equipment is in working order and is used safely. Some cleaning materials are hazardous, and it is your responsibility to ensure the staff is using them correctly.

You will liaise closely with the general manager and attend regular meetings with department managers. A close relationship with other department managers is essential to running the hotel, for example, you’ll liaise with the front of the house manager so you’re aware of new arrivals.


  • Contribute to the control of resources
  • Contribute to the selection of staff for activities
  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Lead meetings
  • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety, and security of the working environment
  • Manage the environmental impact of your work
  • Manage the receipt, storage, or dispatch of goods
  • Provide leadership for your team
  • Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
  • Supervise housekeeping services
  • Supervise linen services
  • Supervise the use of technological equipment in hospitality services

Available Training and Certifications