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Assistant General Manager

Assistant General Manager

Job Description: As the assistant general manager you will support the general manager coordinates all aspects of the business, ensuring the guests are satisfied and the employees are working as a team. You will oversee the catering, front of house operations and housekeeping. 

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • meeting and greeting guests
  • leading team briefings
  • liaising with department managers
  • maintaining health and safety standards
  • creating shift rosters

Liaising with the hotel assistants and department managers, the main responsibility of the assistant general manager is to organize the operations of the hotel. As the assistant general manager coordinates all the departments within the hotel, the role is extremely varied. As assistant general manager you will regularly lead team briefings with each department to motivate them and put into practice solutions to problems.

The assistant general manager will work with the team members to ensure the guests are comfortable and relaxed. Your role is essential to gaining customer satisfaction, as you will liaise with the guests to gain feedback. In addition to maintaining the hotel’s services, you will assist the general manager with budgets and support the implementation of health and safety practices. While the guests are at the hotel their health and safety are in your hands, and as the assistant general manager, you will brief your staff about fire exits and who to contact in an emergency. 


  • Carry out a review of the business
  • Contribute to promoting hospitality services and products
  • Contribute to the control of resources
  • Contribute to the development of recipes and menus
  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Keep up to date with current legislation affecting your business
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety, and security of the working environment
  • Manage your own resources
  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Plan where your business is going
  • Provide leadership for your team
  • Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
  • Recruit, select & keep colleagues
  • Supervise practices for handling payments

Available Training and Certifications