We highly encourage restaurant professionals to become a ServSafe Manager trainer and proctor. The more professionals we have teaching advanced food safety is good for our industry as they can train and administer tests in-house for their employees or for others within their community.

To become a ServSafe instructor/proctor you will need to pass the Instructor version of the ServSafe Manager exam. The instructor version can be taken at any normal ServSafe class—you only need to request an instructor version of the exam from your instructor before testing.

Once you have passed, you then go online to the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe website. From there you can choose which role you would like to be approved for—our suggestion to those interested in becoming a trainer is to become a dual role proctor so you can instruct classes, and proctor the exams for your students.

Once you have selected your role, complete the steps listed and required by ServSafe for approval. When you have completed the requirements, ServSafe will send you approval documentation and your instructor/proctor number.

After you receive your documentation, you may order your instructor materials from ServSafe. You are now ready to teach classes!

For more information, or if you have any questions about becoming an instructor, please call 877.695.9733 Ext 135 or email us here.