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Why training and certification?

Upward Mobility

One of the number one ways to help move upward in your hospitality career is through training and certification. 

Wise Employers

Wise employers understand that when they provide training opportunities for their teams that retention rates skyrocket. Data shows this clearly.

2018 Survey

In a bi-annual 2018 Survey of Washington state hospitality organizations, a highly qualified workforce ranked as the top concern.

Better and stronger

Training and certification make the industry better and stronger, right along with your business.

Training and certification create pathways to jobs.

The Washington Hospitality Education Foundation depends on financing from industry leaders and job creators to fund programs, scholarships, and workforce development efforts across the state.

Training and Certificates

For a full menu, of courses, classes, and products available through the hospitality association click this link. 

Scholarships are available for hospitality training. To find out more click this link. 

To see our top five hospitality training programs click this link. 

Do you want to be a trainer?

If you would like information about becoming a trainer for the Washington Hospitality Association, please contact us by clicking the email link below. 

People who have found work!