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Leadership Training Comes To EF!

The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation in collaboration with Dancing Shepherd leadership development services is piloting a new program designed to develop exceptional leadership skills and core competencies for current and emergent high-potential leadership talent in the hospitality industry.

The need for effective leadership has never been more important:

  • 58% of association members say developing leadership talent is critical to their success (2018 WA Hospitality Assn Membership Survey).
  • 65% of employees say that having a better boss was better than getting a pay raise (Forbes).
  • Highly engaged employees rank 10% higher on customer ratings, 22% in profitability, and 21% in productivity (The Gallup Organization).


Great Leaders Inspire Great Teams!

Well-led organizations have significantly lower absenteeism and turnover, higher levels of product and service quality, and financially outperform their counterparts by as much as 3 to 1 (Watson/Wyatt).

Frontline leaders are the primary standard-bearers of performance expectations and accountability and are the most influential translators of culture and results for your teams.  


The Four Imperatives of Great Leaders

From September 27th – November 1st, 2018, the Washington Hospitality Association will be hosting a bi-monthly series of leadership modules, The Four Imperatives of Great Leaders, to help elevate the essential leadership skills of hospitality professionals and provide opportunities to learn directly from accomplished industry practitioners.


The Four Imperatives of Great Leaders

INSPIRE TRUST – Sept 27th, 8am-Noon  

How to become a highly effective influencer through creating relationships of trust and credibility.  Develop a reputation for positive values such as integrity, service, equity and inclusion and the courage and skill to take on the hard work of accountability, managing conflict and restoring broken trust. 


CLARIFY PURPOSE – October 11th, 8am-Noon

Inspire authentic win/win relationships with those you lead.  Learn to effectively communicate purpose, passion and process to engage, motivate, and genuinely connect with others to create a sustainable culture of trust and performance.  Create an individual and team vision that links shared values, shared outcomes, and shared responsibility to shared rewards. 


ALIGN SYSTEMS – October 25th, 8am -Noon        

Identify and organize the activities, systems and behaviors that provide the greatest ROI and ROR (return on relationships).  Learn how to find the 20% your personal and team’s actions that create 80% of your best business.  Develop systems to ensure best hire, effective onboarding and rapid learning cycles for all team members.  Implement performance and cost effectiveness management systems that encourages engagement, innovation and consistently positive results. 


UNLEASH TALENT – November 1st, 8am-Noon

Learn how to identify and leverage each team member’s intrinsic motivation, strengths and opportunity to be their very best.  Inspire and coach team members to deliver their ‘highest level of impact and contribution.’  Create team chemistry that builds unity while also encouraging individual growth, innovation and accountability.



We are proud and excited to bring you this special pilot program and are looking for attendees that want both a great professional leadership development experience as well as the opportunity to provide guidance and feedback to help set the standard for future programs to come. 

Location:  Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

Fee: $599/Member, $699/Non-Member


Limited Scholarships Available

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