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Restaurant Regional Manager

Restaurant Regional Manager

Job Description: As a regional manager you will oversee several units within the business, or within a specific region. You will work closely with the senior members of staff to ensure the business runs smoothly, sales targets are met and the customers are satisfied.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • managing budgets
  • recruiting and training staff
  • business marketing

    A regional manager is usually found within a large business with several outlets. For example, as a catering regional manager, you may oversee the operations of the catering facilities in the North West. You will coordinate the activities of the catering managers to ensure the business is meeting its targets and the customers are satisfied.

    The regional manager plays a key role in the development of new facilities, special promotions, and events. You will have an influence on the training programs used in your region which must be kept in line with the policies of the business. You will also recruit managers and their deputies and regularly appraise their performance. It’s important that you maintain close contact with all team members within your area to uphold the standards of the business. You’ll regularly visit your sites and liaise with the front-line staff and senior team members to implement new strategies to improve customer service.

    Your day-to-day duties will be varied as you will oversee all aspects of the business. You will manage budgets, initiate training activities, and implement marketing campaigns. The managing director and owner of the company will expect regular feedback regarding your region; therefore, you’ll create weekly and monthly reports


  • Meeting sales goals
  • Motivation for Sales
  • Territory management
  • Presentation skills
  • Performance management
  • Building relationships
  • Emphasizing excellence
  • Negotiation
  • Results driven
  • Sales planning
  • Managing profitability

Available Training and Certifications: