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Corporate Revenue Manager

Corporate Revenue Manager

Job Description: Revenue management is the process of selling the right rooms or services at the right time to make a profit. It involves the analysis of customer trends to make sure the business’ rates are competitive and the marketing strategy encourages sales.

A Group Revenue Manager will work in a large hotel or restaurant chain and is responsible for coordinating the revenue management strategy for more than one hotel or restaurant in the business, managing several team members. You will report to the Director of Revenue about your department’s progress and make continuous improvements against how you set your rates, how you track them and how they are reported to executive team members.

Your duties may include:

  • Coordinating the revenue strategy for a group of hotels to maximize the income by managing the room availability and rate strategy
  • Providing pricing guidance to the sales teams, analyzing weekly and monthly reports, and communicating the weekly performance and revenue strategies
  • Setting group selling rates and guidelines to maximize the group’s distribution channels
  • Ensuring customer service is delivered at all times within the revenue department
  • Developing confident, well-trained revenue team members who manage all their responsibilities efficiently


Available Training and Certifications