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Coffee Shop Shift Supervisor

Coffee Shop Shift Supervisor

Job Description: As a coffee shop shift supervisor you will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the coffee shop, managing your team while they provide a service to the public. You will ensure that the coffee machines are maintained, the displays and work surfaces are presentable, and that the team members are working together to deliver timely service.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • opening and closing the coffee shop
  • team briefings to motivate and inform your team of achievements and goals
  • checking the coffee machines regularly throughout the day
  • advising customers about the drinks available
  • taking coffee orders from customers

Before the coffee shop opens you will ensure that the team members have refilled the display counters with food and drink, napkins, and cutlery. The presentation of a coffee shop is important to attracting customers and retaining the brand of the business, so the work surfaces and display counters will be cleaned thoroughly and arranged according to company policy. You may also hold a daily team briefing, giving the team members objectives for the day. Once the coffee shop is open you will help the team members serve customers, making them drinks of their choice and advising them about the coffee available. 

As a shift supervisor for a coffee shop, you will undertake more responsibilities than a team member. As well as serving customers and maintaining the cleanliness of the work surfaces, a shift supervisor is responsible for opening and closing the store, motivating team members, and keeping reports to ensure sales are maximized and the stock doesn’t run low.

A shift supervisor needs to be very organized and respond well to a busy environment.


    • Clean and store crockery and cutlery
    • Contribute to the control of resources
    • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
    • Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization
    • Maintain a safe, hygienic, and secure working environment
    • Maintain food safety when storing, holding, and serving food
    • Prepare and clear areas for counter/takeaway service
    • Prepare and clear areas for drinks service
    • Prepare and clear areas for table service
    • Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks
    • Prepare and serve food in a food service area
    • Prepare and serve hot drinks using specialist equipment
    • Provide a counter/takeout service
    • Serve drinks
    • Supervise drinks services
    • Supervise food services
    • Supervise practices for handling payments

Available Training and Certifications: