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Assistant Coffee Shop Manager

Assistant Coffee Shop Manager

Job Description: An assistant coffee shop manager is responsible for supporting the manager to run the coffee shop, ensuring that the team members are working effectively, the business is profitable and the customers are satisfied.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

  • team briefings to motivate your team
  • checking the coffee machines regularly throughout the day
  • taking coffee orders from customers
  • making shift rosters for the team members
  • ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to.

As an assistant coffee shop manager, your duties are less practical than a team member, however, you are regularly on the shop floor overseeing the operations of the coffee shop. Working closely with the team members, shift supervisor and the manager, your main duty is to organize the operations of the coffee shop.

The assistant coffee shop manager will inform and advise the shift supervisor to ensure the team members are working effectively and the customers are satisfied. Your role is essential to gain maximum customer satisfaction, as you will monitor customer feedback and encourage your team to be customer focused at all times. In addition to maintaining the front of house services, you will assist the manager with financial reports, budgets, and marketing campaigns to maximize sales. You will support the manager implement health and safety procedures, food safety and employment legislation. Occasionally you will take trips to the head office and liaise with suppliers.


  • Contribute to promoting hospitality services and products
  • Contribute to the control of resources
  • Contribute to the selection of staff for activities
  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
  • Ensure food safety practices are followed in the preparation and serving of food and drink
  • Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization
  • Maintain the health, hygiene, safety, and security of the working environment
  • Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks
  • Provide a counter/takeaway service
  • Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
  • Receive, store and issue drink stock
  • Supervise drinks services
  • Supervise food services
  • Supervise practices for handling payments

Available Training and Certifications