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What is a mentor?

Mentors Support ProStart Students and Educators

As a mentor you will have the ability to play different roles in the lives of our ProStart students and educators. Mentors help students make the connection between their present performance and their future. They provide overall support for student goals, careers, competence, and character/career development.

Mentors Can Be From Any Background

Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, time commitment levels, and businesses. Typically mentors break down into two different categories, culinary and management, just like our ProStart program. Expertise can range from marketing and business skills to culinary techniques and menu engineering. Mentorship takes form in a variety of ways as well. 

Mentorship Takes Form In Many Ways

  • Hosting a tour of your business or your vendor’s facilities.
  • Inviting the students to work/intern at your business.
  • Visiting the school or speaking to students in a relevant setting.
  • Offering focused introduction, training in specific tasks, or processes such as cheese-making/tasting, pastry arts, vegetarian menus, sustainability, menu costing, or your areas of expertise.

Why mentor?

Contribute To The Future of Hospitality

Play an important role in a students life

Groom Potential Employees

Gain motivated student employees who are focused on a career in the industry

Give Back To The Community

Gain community awareness by giving back.